Hey, Man! A Podcast for Women

Without women, humanity literally would not exist. That's real. With such a special role, you would think that ladies would be treated as such, but unfortunately it's not universal. It's such a bummer.

Hey, Man! A Podcast for Women is meant to inspire, understand, acknowledge, and appreciate girls and women all over the world through conversations with them.  

Be our Guest!

Hey, Man! plans to launch in early 2017, and we need ladies! We're looking for all kinds of them, and we mean all kinds! Examples include: single mothers, models, lesbians, nurses, students, entrepreneurs, dancers, sisters, strippers, managers, Pinterest fanatics, scientists, brewers, and more. We love the ladies.

Guests must either be present for recordings with host Shanyn, or willing to phone in for the episodes (around 20-30 minutes). Unfortunately Guest spots are unpaid, but plugs are welcome. 

Interested? Email Shanyn at
ShanynWright@Gmail.com with subject line "Hey, Man!" and a brief summary about you. 

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Episode One: T.B.D

Hey, Man! is currently in production, and hopes to launch in early 2017.

Episode One Guest: T.B.D

Interested? Email Shanyn at
ShanynWright@Gmail.com with subject line "Hey, Man!" and a brief summary about you.